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Glue and Adhesive Application Systems for Packaging Industries


Development of e-commerce becomes something that cannot be avoided nowadays. With the help of information technologies, people now use e-commerce to purchase what they need. They do not need to go to the stores personally and what they need to do is to open app or website to get purchase the stuff that they need. As the development of e-commerce, on demand packaging also gets more attention. Customers need good packaging and thus packaging industries need to deal with higher productivity. In this case, Robatech provides the necessary solutions to deal with the aspects of gluing process.

Gluing Quality for Packaging

In the industries that make various kinds of packaging, gluing process becomes something that will be needed. There are many kinds of packaging that will need the glues and adhesive to secure the package. In this case, customers surely need to have secure and durable package so the stuff inside the package will be safe. Thus, it is necessary to have good gluing solution that can give good gluing quality and enhance the quality of package. Robatech can provide the necessary solutions for it. It is not only to provide technology that will give high speed and precision in application of glue and adhesive, but the technologies can give more benefits.

Efficiency in Glue and Adhesive Applications

As what is mentioned above, speed and precision in glue application becomes one of the concerns of Robatech in providing the technologies and solutions. Then, Robatech also pay attention to other aspect, and it is the efficiency. One of them is energy efficiency. The adhesive application system from Robatech is designed and engineered to consume lower energy for its operation. Even for the hot melt adhesive, it is able to control and manage stable temperature to cut off the energy consumption. Then, all technologies are made to give precision so the adhesive consumption will be lower.

This post was published on 14/05/2022

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